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Prepare yourself for the ultimate rush and conquer as the king of speed blazers in this action packed 3D racer.

Equipped with sonic particle blades (SPB) you are able to glide, dash, and jump incredible heights and perform heart pounding tricks in gorgeous 3D environments.

Outwit your opponents and manoeuvre through fast paced tracks with challenging 3D obstacles and pave your way through to victory.

1Race with 8 unique selectable characters.

2Each characters have special super abilities to smash and slow your opponents down.

3Use your quick finger swiping reflexes to do unbelievable trick combos to earn valuable points and power up your super bar to initiate super mode!

4Collect and unlock a number of level achievements.

5Show off your scores and achievements through Game Centre.

6Blaze your way through 72 challenging 3D stages with gorgeous visuals!

7Pave your way through unique and challenging levels with special game play.

8Hi energy original music tracks created by our awesome beat master.

  • ChallengingI thought it was a bit easy on the first levels and then gradually gets hard and challenging as you encounter new levels. Totally impressive update it was worth playing it again. - Jack
  • Manga Eye CandyThis is such a cool looking game ! Lots of crazy looking manga candy themes. It will make you edgy trying to beat the later levels. - Chris Chen
  • Simply GorgeousThis looks amazing ! The gameplay is different to other games and challenging at later levels. Sometimes makes you rage at later stages trying to get the pick ups and achievements. Really recommend to give it a try and $1 you cannot go wrong ! - James Michaels
Latest News

 130-08-2014 : Speed Blazers is finally out in the Google Play Store and App Store ! 

 222-08-2014 : Speed Blazers Game play preview is up ! Check it out on our youtube channel !

322-08-2014 : Speed Blazers is finally hitting the Google Play store and the IOS update from the 30th of August 2014 !  Keep an eye out on our youtube channel for previews !



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